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Hola Chicos, por problemas familiares muy importantes no voy a poder actualizar el blog esta semana ya que no tendre tiempo, espero que me entiendan y cuando regrese les actualizare todo es asi que no se preocupen y vendre con cosas nuevas y mejores.

Espero que me entiendan ^^

Hoshi Jung

domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

Wonder Girls - Lyric ''Nobody'' (English Version)

You know I still love you baby
And it will never change

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another
I don’t want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Why are you trying to
To make me leave you
I know what you’re thinking
Baby why aren’t you listening

How can i just
Just love someone else and
And forget you completely
When i know you still love me

Telling me you’re not good enough
My life with u is just too tough
You know it’s not right so
Just stop and come back boy
How can this be when we were meant to be??

[chorus] x 2 (Ye Eun, Sun Ye)

Why can’t we just
Just be like this cuz
It’s you that i need and
Nothing else till the end

Who else can ever
Make you feel complete
I… I feel when I’m with you
I won’t live without you

Telling me you’re not good enough
My life with you is just too tough
You know me enough so
You know what I need boy
Right next to you is where I need to be

[chorus] x 2 (Ye Eun, Sun Ye)

I don’t want nobody -body
I don’t want nobody -body

(Ye Eun)
Honey you know
It’s you that I want
It’s you that I need, can’t you see

[chorus] x 2 (Ye Eun, Sun Ye)

back to the days where we
so young and wild and free
nothing else mattered other than you and me
So tell me why can’t it be
please let me live my life my way
Why do you push me away
I don’t want nobody nobody nobody but you

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