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Hola Chicos, por problemas familiares muy importantes no voy a poder actualizar el blog esta semana ya que no tendre tiempo, espero que me entiendan y cuando regrese les actualizare todo es asi que no se preocupen y vendre con cosas nuevas y mejores.

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Hoshi Jung

jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

Big Bang - Japan Mezamashi TV Sub. English

Aqui el programa donde los chicos presentan su dormitorio en Japón y la Performance de ''My Heaven'' ya con Subs en Ingles

Part 1

YB: This is the first time for anyone from a TV show to visit our place. Its a bit embarrassing.
Narrator: The five members moved here about a month ago. Since they haven't been here very long, the place looks pretty simple.
Interviewer: I found something curious here. I see Japanese comic books here and there.
Narrator: There are many Japanese comic books but they actually use them to learn Japanese. Especially D-Lite loves reading comic books.
DS: I like One Piece A strong hammer!
Interviewer: Do you always play like this?
YB: Just D-Lite.
Narrator: There are many other Japanese stuff too.
SR: I love Amuro Namie. I practice singing and dancing while listening to various Japanese artists.
Narrator: In addition to books and CDs, there are rather unexpected decorating accessories.
Interviewer: Ah!, is this Gachapin?
TOP: I bought it because I found it so cute!
Interviewer: He skydives, skates he can do pretty much anything.
TOP: Why dont you introduce him to me? We can be friends and play together.
Interviewer: We can do that. Hes on Fuji TV too.
Narrator: And G-Dragon, the most stylish guy in the group showed us something like this.
GD: I once said on a TV show that Miss Aoi Yuu was my type of woman and some fans remembered that and sent me this.
Interviewer: Which ones your favorite?
GD: Hard to say. I like them all.
The five members have already gotten used to being in Japan. While enjoying the new surroundings, their commitment to Big Bang and their music remains strong.
YB: We decided to come here because we really wanted the Japanese audiences to listen to our music.
From Korea to Japan Big Bang's new journey begins now!

Parte 2
MC (M): It's Big Bang! Let me introduce the members again.
MC (F): First, the leader, G-Dragon, vocalist VI, vocalist Sol, D-Lite, who likes Japanese comic books and rapper TOP.
MC (M): It was an amazing performance given that its not even 8 in the morning yet. And on a stage like this (laughs).
MC (F): Was it ok for you to get up in the morning?
YB: Yes, it was.
MC (F): I understand you got up at 2 in the morning?
Big Bang: Yes, we did.
MC (M): Wow, that was amazing. Thank you so much. You had released albums under an indie label in Japan before and now you've made a major label debut. And I hear that you guys have moved into an apartment here. How's it going? Have you gotten used to being here?
YB: We are really busy but this is our first time living here and were having a great time.
MC (M): Do you live together?
Big Bang: Yes.
MC (F): Whos the cook?
YB: Our manager.
MC (M): I understand G-Dragon is a fan of Aoi Yuu? I have the same calendar and received flowers from her once (not clear). You haven't met her, right?
GD: No, I havent but would love to.

Cuando pueda les tradusco esto ^^

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